About us

What: ‘Indicia’ means ‘a distinct mark’. Indicia, as a collective effort, strives to be true to its meaning in the field of knowledge industry, more specifically in strategic and security affairs. It ideates on ideas that sprout mostly from reality. It strives to offer practical wisdom by providing solutions to seemingly intractable problems in a fairly reasonable manner. Indicia covers a large canvas of activities, but its core areas of research and consulting activities are Indian Defence & Security Sector, Defence Production, Industry and Market, Defence R&D, Offsets, Politico-Security Risks, Government Relations, regional and international security.

Who: Indicia is not an individual effort, it is ‘collective’ in every sense of the term. It has a group of diligent and dedicated professionals with requisite amount of research and consulting experience in the field of international relations, regional security, national security and strategic studies, to provide customized solutions to issues grappled with by business communities / companies, state and non-state agencies, national governments and multilateral institutions. Indicia has three sets of human resources to cater to its larger audience and specific clients: a team of seasoned professionals of national and international eminence for strategic guidance; a team of multi-disciplinary and subject experts for catering to professional consulting and advisory services; and a large pool of human resources for knowledge mining at the levels of ‘ground reality’ domain.

Why: It starts with a basic premise that most of its focus areas are multi-dimensional and hence need employment of multi-disciplinary methods for both understanding the problem as well as finding a practical solution. Just to illustrate, meanings of ‘politics’ and ‘security’ have been stretched to such proportions that even a simple solution to a small issue in either domain often times becomes problematic. Indicia is of firm belief that problems related to polity, strategy, policy, governance and mechanisms can be understood in a ‘context’ and solutions can be either straight forward or nuanced as the case may be from time to time. Indicia believes that bulk of knowledge on politics and security, or for that matter any human issue, emanates from multiple sources that are distinct from each other in many ways as well as inter-twined at the same time. Nowhere are these so prominent as in the Indian defence and security sector. Indicia finds variable degree of disconnect between these sources like academia, bureaucracy, business mechanisms, political executives, media and the grass root reality. Hence, it takes a ‘fusion’ approach to understand and provide solutions to the problem or issue. This approach is distinct from the methods used by conventional institutions as it blends specific methods sourced from these institutions and adds its own wisdom to produce synthesized knowledge. This means, Indicia employs ‘indicia methods’ to provide wisdom to its clients.

Where: Indicia is located in New Delhi but its human resources are spread across India and beyond. It has both full-time as well as part time staff, catering primarily to specified service areas. It also has freelancers, who are assigned projects or tasks from time to time. Indicia considers its human resources as the best in the business.