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Indicia places select pieces of ideas related to strategic and security affairs for wider dissemination and consumption on a rolling basis. The central objective is to provide a single platform for ideas and opinions to follow distilled knowledge. These writings include op-ed and commentaries on strategic and security affairs. More [+]


Indicia, through its debate forum, provides a platform for analysts, commentators and subject experts to place their ideas. Such ideas propel all of us to ponder further and find out answers to vexed problems affecting security and strategic studies. Indicia editorial team pre-selects specific issues for debate and places them here. Comments from serious readers are invited and displayed.

Recommended Reading / Idea Review

Indicia selects specific research articles, book reviews, idea reviews from a variety of knowledge sources and places them here as a single platform for knowledge dissemination. This helps readers and stakeholders as a main reference point for their research activities.